Monday, February 9, 2009

Today was my weekly appointment with Dr. X (he is a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) doctor and acupuncturist). I was feeling really lousy after my horrible week. I asked him what he thought of the correlation of worse pain and the week before AF and the arrival of. He was proud of me for being able to make a connection and said that we can work on that and hopefully next time I won't have such a horrid week. He asked if I did my homework - I have various pressure points that I need to massage when I'm experiencing pain. I can't seem to rub them as hard as he does (ouch!) but I do my best. It works best when my hubs does it for me. We also talked about my weight loss and I joked with him that my husband wants him to put those weight loss needles in another spot because I'm losing too much boobage. I bought new bras in late November and I can literally put a fist in the gap space that I now have in them. I'm going to try to hold off another month or so before investing in new bras (why are they so freakin expensive?). I may have to resort to socks to fill out the space lol.

It was a very long appointment today, I'm not sure if he forgot about me or just decided that I needed to be a pin cushion for longer than usual but my bladder was ready to burst by the time he came in and removed the needles. After my needles I go to have my head steamed with an herbal concotion on it. I come out of there with some dang sexy hair! Just as I was about to sit in the steam chair I grabbed my left temple as it was throbbing. He right away asked if I was okay and I said I had a sharp pain and headache all of a sudden. He said not to worry and he rubbed my forehead, pulled my ears and then tapped on various places on my head (totally bizarre but the pain went away so I'm gonna roll with it). I came out of the wellness center to snow...blah.... I had hoped we were seeing an end to winter.

I'm always tired on acupuncture days and wish I had time for a nap but school will be out soon. At least I have made supper already so I can just relax with the kids til it is time to throw it in the oven.

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