Saturday, March 21, 2009

I broke up with Dr. X

We had an appointment scheduled for next week. I came home yesterday from another appointment (my nails which means a couple of hours of adult conversation with a lady who has also become a friend)to a message from the Wellness centre wanting to reschedule my appointment due to a family crisis for Dr. X. (I know kick him while he's down but I doubt he'll notice when I don't return) I had a frank conversation with M (she's the one that talked me through my psycho Ricky Bobby moment) and said I just feel like he's not hearing me and I need someone who has some more empathy and understanding. I don't think it's an awful thing that "I so sensitive" and the fact that I went into panic attack and had to cancel my last appointment shows me that the trust factor is gone between me and Dr. X. She was understanding and told me to do what is best for me! I scheduled a massage for next Tuesday with my angel Joyce.

Dr. X only works Mondays at the Wellness and Joyce doesn't work those days so I likely won't see him again. I'm sorry for his family troubles and do wish him the best. I appreciate what he has done for me but I don't feel I should have to compromise my feelings and beliefs because he is so set and his ways. There is a serious communication breakdown between us which is likely due to language and the fact that he just wants me to do everything according to his ways.

My sweet nail lady gave me the number and name of another acupuncturist that her friend sees and she drives from a city 1.5+ hours away to go there. I looked them up online and what impresses me from the get go is the information on the site and their leaning towards education. I think that was most frustrating for me with Dr. X, I had to go home and google like a madwoman to figure out what he was saying and why he wanted to do certain things. I'm going to give them a call and book a consult. Then I will see what I decide to do. In the meantime, I'm going to go back to my western herbs as I know they were making me feel better. I'll try to post more about that regimine this weekend (give me some grace as I may forget).

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