Monday, May 31, 2010

Does anyone really listen anymore?

I'm tired. This weekend sent me into flare mode. It was likely due to the drop in temperature by 30 degrees F (my American readers get confused when I use Celsius). We had rain and wet snow which never makes life easy for a Fibro girl. I had to attend an event on Sunday that was impossible to miss. My Mom was throwing a bridal shower for my cousin and the Princess is a junior bridesmaid. The King did not want me to go because he knew that I'd be unable to just sit and would be pitching in to help where I could. I tried to do the minimal but when you don't look sick and there are women older than you stepping up while young women sit round. I wasn't raised that way and I just can't do it no matter how much I pay for it later. The Princess was doing all she could to make sure I didn't have to do much but when you are in flare even the most mundane tasks can be too much.

A family member called today and I made the mistake, again, of truthfully answering the "How are you?" question. I don't know why I bother. She doesn't hear me when I try to explain fibromyalgia, she thinks it equates to depression and for me it doesn't. I've been depressed before. I've done the med circuit for post partum depression that morphed into plain old depression. It was the worst time of my life. Yes... even worse than dealing with the hell that is fibro. I can't imagine dealing with fibro and depression as so many of my fellow sufferers do. I am SO grateful that I have not had to deal with them together. I am tired of explaining that there is no magic pill. I'm tired of explaining that I chose not to take pain meds because I have addictive tendencies and very low tolerance for meds. I chose not to live my life in a haze... there are days I wish I could but I know my body and I chose not to put myself or my family through that kind of living. I told her that I over did it when I was already feeling poorly and now that I will have to pay the price for a few days while my body tries to recuperate. She made the comment "that is no way to live". I replied explaining that sometimes you have to do things you shouldn't do because you don't want to let people down. That if it would have been any other occasion on Sunday that I would have excused myself but bridal showers are once in a lifetime events. It is during times like this that I wish my skin would turn green or a neon sign would appear over my head so people would see that the one who doesn't look sick is sick and shouldn't push herself and has sacrificed a lot to be there for your special day and will sacrifice further as she tries to recover from doing to much to make it a special day.

I don't want your pity. I don't want your "cures". I don't want your diagnosis or analysis. I want your understanding. I want you to hear me without telling me stupid things like that is no way to live.... it is a way to live... it is the way I live and many like me live. It is the way our families live. It is not just me who suffers when I am sick... it is my whole family who pays the price.


  1. I understand, Ker.

  2. Ohhh sweetie, believe you me I totally understand. Every single word you just said. You are not alone. You aren't on your own in the frustrations and confusion. You aren't alone in not wanting to live your life in a haze of pills. You aren't alone in trying to get some people to understand to no avail or in continuing to try and not being sure why. You aren't alone in your wanting a bright neon sign to appear above you so people will know you are sick. You aren't alone in doing too much because you can't allow yourself to just sit there while older women than you do a lot. You aren't alone in your family paying the price.

    I'm 100% there. I understand. I totally get it.