Thursday, April 16, 2009

Not my hands!!!

Yesterday I had such pain in my wrists, finger joints and elbows that I could not even type or navigate the laptop without cringing. You know that I'm in trouble when I can't use the computer. ;) I tried dream cream and finally hot packs to get some relief. After making supper I could scarcely hold a cup without biting back the tears. I spent the night heating and reheating my miracle bag to wrap it around one hand and then place that warm wrapped hand on top of the other. It is much better today. Thank God. I cannot begin to imagine how I will cope if this becomes a new regular part of my roving pain. My hips and neck are bothering me today. I can feel pain starting in my right shoulder and will get off the 'puter before it descends down my arm. *sigh*

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