Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A little update

I went for another infra-red body wrap a week ago. It was pouring rain that day and the warmth felt amazing. I was really worried that I may not have the same results as the first time because the weather was so miserable and rain really sends my fibro into fits. I felt great afterwards. I had a bit of stiffness later in the evening but not the pain I'd been coping with earlier. We are in crazy busy time of year around here. We had a soccer tourney all weekend which meant driving and running between fields (3 boys in 3 different age groups all playing at different times), dragging chairs in and out of the van, packing coolers, sitting in the hot sun for hours on end, etc. I made it through the whole weekend without any ill effects. My normal routine after doing so much all weekend would be to crash on Monday but I did not and even went out shopping with my neighbor for several hours IN THE MORNING!!!! YEAH ME!!! LOL I purchased a package of the wraps and will go as I feel it is necessary. I'm also faithfully taking my coQ10 and my Gingko. Very encouraged by the results I'm getting with this treatment and feeling more like a normal person every day... whatever normal is for this crazy gal!


  1. As I always say ... sometimes you just have to find a new normal. I pray this treatment continues to work for you, my friend.

  2. YAYYY! That's great, glad that is working for you. I haven't heard of it before, need to check that out! :)